You are interested and would like to volunteer?

There are several options such as, volunteering abroad, volunteering in South Africa from a foreign country or volunteer in South Africa if you are a citizen. You can also apply to become a host family. We work with ICYE in 41 countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Honduras, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Taiwan, Uganda, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam north and Vietnam south.

Our Volunteer Programmes

ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange) 

ICYE is an international non-profit youth exchange organization with the Head Office in Berlin, Germany. ICYE was formed after the Second World War to foster peace and understanding in the world through the exchange of youth. ICYE promotes youth mobility, intercultural learning, and international voluntary service, in 36 countries around the world.ICYE‘s goals are to foster peace and understanding in the world through exchanging our youth.

The Volunteer Centre is a federation member of ICYE Organization, so we are able to send and receive international volunteers. The programme depends on the individual. Your personal abroad experience could be one month up to a year in different social fields. This means that we will be your support system while you volunteer with us. We will support you in finding an accommodation - in our case, we like it more intercultural, meaning that you will stay with a local host family for the duration of your stay! We will try our utmost best to match you with the relevant project.

VCYC (Volunteer Centre Youth Club) 

The Volunteer Centre Youth Club should create an Network of local, national and international Volunteers to improve themselves. Volunteering means experience! Experiential learning enhances personal development! It doesn´t matter where you're from, how old you are or what kind of skills you have. Giving something back to the community and profit from each other.

The VCYC creates genuine partnership and cooperation characterized by mutual give-and-take. This means you can volunteer your time and skills to any of our local partner organization and you get in return more skills, experience and the option to take part in other Volunteer Centre activities, like networking sessions with other volunteers, Museum tours and a lot more!

EVM (Effective Voluntary Management) 

The Effective Voluntary Management was created for organizations to set up their voluntary programme and learn to recruit and place volunteers based in their goals. We offer a training programme that will help you increase the capacity of your organization. When complete, you will be able to develop your organisation’s volunteer policy and increase your skills in Effective Volunteer Management training that takes place every quarterly.

The Volunteer Centre presents 3 day intensive workshop. This course is developed for managers/ coordinators of volunteers to assist them in strengthening their management and support systems for their local volunteer programme and takes place twice a year.

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